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Schools and nurseries in Walsall have a commitment through their ‘Local Offer’ to meet the needs of the children in their care with Special educational needs and are supported by the local authority to ensure all children make the best possible progress.

At Adventureland Day Nursery we aim to support all children with special educational needs to in making progress in the Early Years Foundation stage.

We have staff who are trained in special educational needs (Special Educational Needs Coordinator -SENCO), who coordinate the team to ensure children with additional needs at our setting are provided with specialised equipment, staff training and other requirements to allow each child to learn and develop whilst attending our setting.

The nursery SENCO along with the child’s key person will discuss with the parents/carers the support we will offer and how this will be done. The SENCO team is also supported by outside agencies and professionals to access advice, support and guidance.

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In addition to this, Adventureland Day Nursery offers:

A large open-plan area for access to all areas of the nursery for children to engage in chose activities and explore a range of activities.

A large open room leading into a separate art room which is freely accessed allowing children to use a range of areas and access a variety of activities of their choosing.

A large sensory room with moving coloured lighting, a projector and a range of sensory equipment for children to explore and experience.

Access to a large outside area via large open doors, allowing free flow indoors and out

Friendly and homely surroundings for all children and their parents/carers to be welcomed into to feel confident and comfortable.

Supportive and dedicated staff with an assigned key person for each child, who offer time for parents/carers to discuss their child’s needs, developments, achievements and any other areas to ensure the highest level of care is provided.

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